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SQRL Test Server

Start login


This server sends and can handle all parameters below. It tries to follow the spec as good as possible. The server checks and validates all signatures (if necessary).

If you find an error or have a request, feel free to contact me!

HTTP Response
Status Code Meaning
200 Ok, server got the answer
404 Something went wrong
Check server body
Client Parameter
Flag Meaning
ver Must be "1"
cmd Allowed: setkey, create, login
idk IDentity Key
pidk Previous IDentity Key
suk Server Unlock Key
vuk Verify Unlock Key
Server Parameter Response
Flag Meaning
ver Is "1"
nut The initial nut
tif See below
sfn Server Friendly Name
suk Server Unlock Key
vuk Verify Unlock Key
Flag Meaning
0x01 (Current) ID match
0x02 Previous ID match
0x20 SQRL account creation allowed
0x40 Command failed
Signature Meaning
ids Signature corresponding to idk
pids Signature corresponding to pidk
urs Signature to permit SQRL association updates


The client linked below understands and can handle all these flags.